Applicants for Certification

Application Categories

The main purpose of this site is to allow individuals who have never been registered as a Technology Professional in Canada to self-assess their qualifications and experience and then apply for certification.

The site may also be used by individuals certified in Canada for the following purposes but only after receiving directions from the association to which they are applying:

  • Reclassification: Individuals in Canada who are registered as an Associate, Graduate Technologist/ Technician or Certified Technican who wish to be reclassified for certification at the Technician or Technologist level
  • Change of Discipline: Individuals who are certified/registered in Canada in one discipline and who wish to change to another discipline
  • Reinstatement: Individuals whose membership in a provincial association has lapsed and who wish to be reinstated

Applicants will be asked to select one of the following education pathways at the beginning of their self-assessment.


Graduates of Canadian Nationally Accredited Technology ProgramsAccredited Technology Programs

(Self-Assessment Option A)

Applicants who graduated from a nationally accredited program at a Canadian college or institute automatically qualify for certification in terms of the academic requirements for their chosen technology discipline.

Applicants are required to demonstrate work experience to meet the National Technology Benchmarks (NTB) standards and provide technical references and other supporting documentation to support their application


Graduates of Other Technology Programs

(Self-Assessment Option B)

Applicants who are graduates of:

  • a Canadian technology program that is not nationally accredited in Canada, or
  • a technology program outside of Canada

should first contact the provincial association to which they are planning to apply to confirm if the association recognizes the academic standing of the program. IfOther Technology Programs the association has completed a successful academic assessment of the program, the applicant will be directed to submit an application using Option A of the self-assessment.

All other applicants are required to demonstrate both academic achievement and work experience to meet the National Technology Benchmark (NTB) standards and provide technical references and  other documentation to support their application. These applicants should use Option B of the self-assessment.

Note: Completion of a self-assessment and submission of an application does not guarantee that certication will be granted.


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