Applying for Membership and Certification


Individuals from within Canada and from overseas can apply for membership in a Canadian Provincial Technology Professionals Association at any time. They cannot, however, become a registered technician or technologist until they have residency in Canada. This requires demonstrating that they have achieved the required education and working experience.

Within Canada: Provincial associations typically offer Student, Graduate and Associate memberships to individuals who are building their education and experience towards certification.

From Outside Canada: Provincial associations typically offer Associate membership to those who have applied for certification but who:

  • meet the general standards of certification;  and
  • intend to apply for certification after they arrive in Canada; but
  • do not yet meet the association’s academic standards and/or experience requirements, including one year of Canadian work experience or the equivalent.

The association for British Columbia, ASTTBC, also offers Provisional membership for individuals who meet all certification requirement except the required one year of Canadian working experience.

Check the membership and certification requirements for the provincial associations which interest you.


Application Lead-Time from Outside Canada

If you have completed a self-assessment and feel that you meet or are close to meeting the certification requirements, you can prepare and submit an application from this site.

If you are applying from outside Canada, it is recommended that you submit your application one year before your planned arrival in Canada. This is the typical maximum time required to process an application.

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