Roadmap to Certification

Roadmap to Certification

The Roadmap guides you along the pathway to becoming a certified and registered technician or technologist in Canada.  Roadmap to certification

Self-Assessment allows you to compare your academic qualifications and working experience against the National Technology Benchmarks for technicians and technologists. You can:

  • try a free self-assessment that is not part of an application for certification - this self-assessment needs no commitment from you and will not be saved as part of an application for certification
  • do the same self-assessment and have your input saved as part of an application for certification - you create your own account and add more information as you build towards submitting an application.

Selecting a Province allows you to choose a provincial association to which you would like to submit your completed application - you can change your choice at any time before submitting the completed application.

The provincial association for Alberta, ASET, does not use TRC.  Applicants to ASET should visit their web site.

On-line Application Form allows you to submit details of your academic qualifications, work experience and technical references so they can be sent over the Internet to the selected provincial association and reviewed by registration staff - again, you can update this information at any time before submitting the completed application.

On-line Tracking allows you to monitor the progress of your application, from submission of your on-line application form until you are notified of the decision regarding certification.

Try a Free Self-Assessment
You can try a free self-assessment to see how your education, skills and experience match Canadian requirements for certification.

It is important that applicants recognize that each provincial association has its own application process and fee structure.  You are encouraged to visit the web site of the province to which you plan to apply to learn more,

You only pay a fee to a provincial association when you apply for certification.

You can either create your own account first or you can do this at the end of your self-assessment.