Technology Disciplines

Disciplines Defined by the National Technology Benchmarks

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Technicians and technologists in Canada are certified by provincial technology associations under one of a number of disciplines. The academic requirements for  each discipline are defined by a set

of national standards called the National Technology Benchmarks (NTBs), described on the next page.

This site allows for self-assessment and application for certification under the following disciplines currently included in the NTBs.

Technician-level DisciplinesTechnologist-level Disciplines
Architectural and ConstructionArchitectural and Construction
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering
Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering
Computer SystemsComputer Systems
Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
Electronics EngineeringElectronics Engineering
Geological and MineralGeological and Mineral
Instrumentation EngineeringInstrumentation Engineering
Landscape HorticultureLandscape Horticulture
Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
Petroleum EngineeringPetroleum Engineering
Power Systems EngineeringPower Systems Engineering


Certification in One Discipline and in 'Hybrid' Disciplines

The majority of applicants know the discipline in which they received their training and in which they work, for example Mechanical or Petroleum. These applicants should select just one discipline during their self-assessment and then identify their competencies from within that discipline.

A few applicants may work in 'hybrid' disciplines for which NTBs do not exist but which combine competencies from two or more NTB disciplines. These 'hybrids' typically combine Electrical, Electronics, Computer Systems and/or Instrumentation with Mechanical.  Those applicants who were trained and work in an employable 'hybrid' discipline may select up to three disciplines from which to identify their competencies during their self-assessment.

Whether you work in one discipline or a ‘hybrid’ discipline, you can only be certified in one discipline by the provincial association to which you apply.

Other Disciplines

Some provincial associations offer certification in other disciplines not currently defined by the National Technology Benchmarks (see table below).

You cannot do a self-assessment or apply for certification in any of the following disciplines through this site. You should first contact the appropriate provincial association.

TN = Technician level   TL = Technologist level

DisciplineBritish ColumbiaAlbertaManitobaOntarioQuebec
 Aeronautical/Aerospace  TN   TLTN  TLTN   TL
 Agriculture   TN  TLTN   TL
 Biomedical Engineering  TN   TL    TN 
 Communication Engineering   TLTN  TL 
 Construction Technology   TLTN  TL 
 Engineering Design/Drafting/CAD Design  TN   TL TN   TLTN  TL 
 Forest Engineering TN   TL  TN  TL 

 Furniture & Woodwork/Wood Manufacturing

  TN   TL TN   TL
 Metallurgical Technology TN   TL TN   TL TN  TL TN
 Municipal Engineering  TLTN  TL 
 Orthesist-Prothesist  TL  TN   TL
 Resources   TN  TL TN   TL
 Structural Engineering  TLTN  TL 
 Textile     TN   TL
 Town Planning     TN   TL


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